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Alarm for Android Wear

0.99 usd

Alarm for Android Wear to easy set, turn on/off weekly alarm.Tested with LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Moto 360, SmartWatch3.*If Alarm is not syncing between wear and mobile after update, please try uninstall / reinstall app.**In battery optimization (or power saving or stamina or similar function), exclude Android Wear and this app. Else, Alarm may not go off on time.
- Add multiple alarms- Set weekly alarms- Simple switch on/off- 5 vibrate patterns- Configurable snooze mode- Link with Google Calendar event, to enable / disable alarm.- Alarm set to wear, wear and mobile, or mobile side.- Simple swipe to stop, or Shake to stop alarm.- One shot for one-time only alarm- Label (add / edit label on mobile side)
e.g. Mon - Fri 12:50 lunch time end alarm, turn off alarm if there's Google Calendar event with keyword "holiday".
Permissions are used to get Google Calendar data.
Special Thanks to : for providing nice icons.